Schooling days ….. hiazz

Hey all, how do u think school is like for the Spm ppl… stresseed out, pressured, bored, some dont even care a damn..

Lets see what i’ve done today.. morning morning BM, nothin much happened… then morden maths… teacher talkin to herself… the moral… i go 5Sc3 go talk talk with Adrian and some of my other friends… English.. She came in.. ask us to clean the class when its already in quite a Ok Ok condition anyway… she sucks… she treats the ppl on duty as if they are qualified and trained sweepers.. who cares class clend should be ok d wat.. but noooo… she wants us to sweep and sweep till she puas… then why hire sweepers … might as well students do all the work…

So after Bio the school ended… of all times to rain y must it rain today.. it rained cats and dogs UNTIL i went in the bus.. then it all stopped… must be my bad luck i think…. so what else happened today…

Its not that im raciest or something but although some malays lik Farhan and Niel is quite ok… but some malays are real bullshit assholes…. what my friend said was correct… if Malays eat pork they will be smarter d.. but they dont so chinese and indian got some chance… So to get to the point.. malays smoking at the back of the bus.. infront the malays was harrasing another gal…
Dont they ever think of their life that they are wasting away… I really hope they die of cancer soon… less malays the better…

~~ Life Sucks ~~


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