Bored to Madness

So what did i do today… i think nothing much worth talking about… so we had this chemistry quiz in school today… my group didn’t really do good… 1o whole marks behind cause Mr Dalai Lama ~ CCK had the lucky question… Pure luck… lolz.

After school i followed Edwin for our daily DotA match… looks lik my skill has gone down quite abit.. its ok cause it will come back… haha.. its been quite a fun day today… average fun day… didnt do much… again i have no pictures to put in my blog… hiazz.. looks lik im the onli few blogs without pictures..

So now everyone’s started to do their SPM revision… i should also start soon….


So now im playing maple again… trying out a priest this time.. i think i shall find someting else to write soon… someting new …. something not so boring… lets c … politics maybe… oil prices… or mayb enviromental conservation…

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