What a saturday

Saturday… ahh.. what a fun day for a nice lil DotA match… DotA again u all might think.. but this time is the first time im playing dotA with both Edwin Emuang and Wee Kett.. Quite fun also la… Wee Kett can say not bad also … can play with net city ppl lo… Edwin looks lik he’s really getting betrer and better… GODLIKE most of the matches we play…. haha… looks lik im still quite a noob… lolz..

So after the DotA match we went over to Island Plaza to take a bus… thats when we ran into Kelly, Cat, and another gal which i dont knw… so after that we got in the bus… bla bla bla.. met Adrian in Giant and walked over to a steamboat reasturant… frist time having a nice dinner with them… Wee Kett calls himself a Beefmaster.. He really can eat alot of beef…. ALOT >.<..

Edwin.. he and his clams, lots of lots of clams… We ate so much we left the leftovers on other ppls table… lhhahaha..

The perfect way to end the day… A last dotA match to wrap it all up.. xD…

~~Life Sux~~

except today… xD

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