Some of u out there might know that coconuts are actually very useful and important. Lets c.. a great example is nasi lemak.. it’s made with coconut milk.. santan.. and coconuts can be made into stuff such as hats.. and ropes.. infact coconuts are also edible… the basic structure of a coconut is very simple.. outside is hard … and inside is hollow and empty… Just imagine if ur head is a coconut… empty and hollow… u’ll be a great moron…

So why are we talking about coconuts today… Lets get straight to the point… Firstly.. have u all seen a teacher thats alllergic to chalk… and requires the WHOLE class to use blue ink pen just because she thinks her eyesight will get worse if we use black.. and the best thing is in a double period .. she used up 1 period to clean the class,.. my class aint that dirty!! Today she called Mr @$%# to come in my class and give a 30min ++ arguement about the blue pen issue… such a sucker right.. who in the fuck would want a teacher like that…

Now for the 2nd coconut of the day..this can be called a cursed doll also… a cursed doll is what most archer classes in maple call idiots.. cause curse dolls are brainless… mainly… and the react to stimuli directly.. whitout it passing through their brain… now this coconut / cursed doll is someone in my school … which i happen to have some trust in.. mainly cause i treat him as a person.. but like a cursed doll.. he acted directly to jealosy and hacked my maple account.. I trusted him and borrowed him the id.. but look how he repays me… a person lik tat doesn’t even deserve to be called a person… Atleast Wee kett the person i used to hate have more brains than that… As u may know.. in my class the best few people to be with are actually Delton , Eugene ( although he gets picked on alot ) , Jason , CCK ( too quiet though ) and some others ( U know who u are i think… mostly.. )

Lastly i would thank my guild sanctuaryx for their support for me… and havenrain for her constant help through my time in maple.. and Kelly Yen ( not lee ) for letting me try out her priest… and to my ex guild.. i would like to meet u all one day.. especially summerl0v3… xD.. CrystalHaven guild… u made my time in maple fun… Hocks where are u.. i miss u…. Haniestar why o why have u left maple..


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