What a dinner ^^

It was 20082008 on the day i had this dinner with my family… anyway the date was very nice.. so we went to the East Hokkaido seafood restaurant which happens to be near my house… When we arrived there we didnt know what to try out.. so we ordered GEODUCK.. Geoduck is actually a type of clam.. which taste like a oyster… The geoduck clam (pronounced “gooe­duck”) is the largest bivalve along Puget Sound and the largest burrowing clam in the world. Also one of the oldest animals in the world, geoducks can live as long as 146 years. The geoduck lives in the sandy mud of the lower intertidal and subtidal zones... It is most often found at depths between 10 and 80 feet below the mean low tide mark. Geoducks have been recorded on videotape in Case Inlet at water depths of 360 feet.
Geoducks are harvested in deep waters by professional divers. Geoducks have been marketed in the United States as “king clam.” Considered a delicacy in Asian countries along the Pacific, geoducks are also shipped to Taiwan.

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