Happy Birthday

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia celebrated 51 years of independence Sunday, wracked by economic woes and political uncertainty over fears that a resurgent opposition could topple a government that has ruled since 1957 when British colonial rule ended.

Spectacular fireworks lit the skies at midnight. A colorful parade with dances by Malaysia’s three main ethnic groups — majority Malays and minority Chinese and Indians — passed through the historic Dataran Merdeka, or Independence Square.

“The world … is impressed with Malaysia because not many countries with a multiracial population exist with tolerance, peace and harmony,” Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a speech, which also touched on his government’s efforts to fight inflation that has reached a record 8.5 percent.

Abdullah also referred indirectly to the threat by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s plans to topple the government with parliamentary defections.
“A united people is a strong national bulwark against any threat, whether from within or outside the country,” Abdullah said.
PS : i would like to take this time to wish a very happy birthday to a girl who i met in maple.. if u see this la… and belated gratz for indy’s Lv150.. and to all the fans or ppl who visit this blog frequently.. thanks for your support.. especially sandykim and zishan…
~Sanctuaryx Rox~

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