Well, I am a squatter? Fuck you, Ahmad!

The much arise news in papers (I meant The Star, owned by MCA) were everyday cringing on articles from MCA/Gerakan leaders about the ignorant UMNO Bukit Bendera Division Chief Ahmad Ismail for calling the Chinese as “immigrants squatting in the country, thus were not entitled to equal rights in Malaysia” I, myself being a Malaysian (or a Chinese?) were terribly offended and upset by some leaders in UMNO for making such seditious remark and his unwillingness to apologize (It was in Malaysiakini)

He himself did not feel apologetic because he “did not do or say anything wrong.” Mind you, according to the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, we Chinese and the other minorities are citizens of Malaysia and thus entitled to every single right which you are enjoying. For goodness sake, you have instilled a bad name on your race and deserved to be in the cell, thats where you belong to. Asking us to go back to China and Indians to go back to India despite the fact that we are born here.

Do not play racial card, especially in Penang where Chinese are the pre-dominant race here for I fear you cannot return home safely if you happen to be seen in public. You started it first, after all. But we Chinese are smart people for we do not want another May 13 to happen again cause both races will be losing out. The much damned Chinese-based component parties (MCA, Gerakan) were not much better. What is the point of the bashing a few days later after the Permatang Pauh by-election results are announced? It later proves that after all, you guys can no longer represent us, but yourself and your pockets.

I am sick of this racial politics already after 51 years of independance. Enough is enough.


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