College Life in TarC

I’ve been here for almost a week of soand all i knw is that the computers here is so laggy i cant even see what im typing. Kinda boring here too. I really couldnt belive that i’ve to study hubungan etnic which is kinda like history and moral mixed into one. Other than that i have accounts classes , micro economics, english( again ) and quantiative studies which is lik advanced statistics. . And the lagness of the college computers is so extream that i really dont understand hw anyone could use this computers for studying. However the libary was kinda impressive and i like the aircon in the classrooms. which make studying much more relaxing and enjoyable. Although its nice and all, but there’s alot of things to do here. Sports, co-coriculum is so compulsury and so is some weird english lessons ( y would i need english lessions anyway? ) and there’s stupid stuff like reverifications of SPM results. I couldnt understand why would they want to reverify something that has already been verified not once but TWICE this year.

So what about the classes which i have daily?

I have no comments on the tutorial classes yet because its yet to commence. However the lectures is kinda ok. The 1st day i had Quantitave Studies which is kinda ok just that i need to use my faithful scientific calculator again cause the questions involved requires something stronger than a regular calculator. This study is based mainly on statstics and additional maths. After a boring one hour wait in the libairy, I attended the worlds most boring subject which only exist in Malaysia and no other part of the world – HUBUNGAN ETNIC. or etnical relations. WHO IN THE F**KING WORLD EVEN SUGGESTED THIS CRAP TO BE TAUGHT!!!! damn!! Its like moral paper all over again. But wait… moral AND HISTORY!!! AHHHHHHHHH >.<

Thank God that the second day is the best day of my semester. Tuesday. I used to hate Tuesdays because it was the longest day and i needa to suffer for a whole day till 4pm just to go home for some rest. But atlast… peace. JACKPOT really. =P Tuesday i only have to come college at 9pm to attend a english class then go back home at 11pm. Mayb after eating lunch, i’ll be on9 in maple at around 1pm including transport time.

Wednesdays i have Microeconomics. my favourate subject. ITS THE ART OF TRADING!! Free Market here i come !!.. after helping my dear train our 2 chars to lv 200 F3.. needa wait..


Thats all for nw…


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