The Aran Class

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The Aran Job

The Aran is a unique job which is very much different from the adventurers ( warrior , mage , theif , archers , pirates ) and the Knights of Cygnus ( Soul Master , Flame Wizard , Night Walker , Wind Breaker , Striker ). This job is currently a warrior based class and its weapon of choice is the pole arm.

This class will make use of the Combo System. However this combo system is very much unlike the combo attack of the crusader/hero/soulmaster. This combo system is passive and increases everytime u use a skill within a certain time limit. It also seems that for some attacks you have to press certain keystrokes to perform it.

This job is supposed to be harder than the usual jobs or the Knights of Cygnus classes.



  1. Eugene Said:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Took me 3 days to find your blog.

  2. Eugene Said:

    LOL And i didnt see anymore cboxes.

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