The Knights Of Cygnus



The Knights of Cygnus is a group of characters/players which are recruited by the Empress of Maple World to guard against the attacks of the Black Magician in any occation which he may strike.

The Order? That’s an organization of people who pledge loyalty to Empress Cygnus. The original name is the Order of Cygnus, but it’s commonly shortened to the Order.  

Though they pledge loyalty to an Empress, they aren’t people that form kingdoms or desire power. Their goal is one; to work together with the Empress to defend the Maple World from the Black Magician.

Right now in the Maple World, there are numerous signs that the Black Magician, who led the world into the path of destruction, is about to appear again. The minions of the Black Magician are showing up, also.

The Black Magician hasn’t appeared yet… but it would be too late to prepare after he does. The Order is collecting information on the Black Magician, and defeating his minions and becoming stronger earlier on.

The Empress will definitely appear to the surface soon. When that happens, she will officially recruit for the Order. Before that, how about a preview of it? If you’re interested, it wouldn’t be so bad to try becoming an Order member.

Are you ready to fight for the Empress? Then I’ll turn you into a Knight of the Order of Cygnus.


The knights of the Order of Cygnus is also known as KOC for short.

 When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight.
At level 10, you can choose one of the following Knights.

Mihile, Warrior of Light

 A swordsman with the Light Sprite. Turns the power of the Sprite into a soul form, and imbues it within the sword to use it. This is based on the Hero from the original adventurers series and it has many powerful skills such as brandish, advanced combo, soul charge and even a short ranged teleporting skill. The Soul Master is one of the best knights to use if u like raw damage and high hp.

Oz, Magician of Fire

A magician with the Fire Sprite. Amplifies the power of the Sprite with magic to wield it. The Flame Wizard is much like the Fire/Posion Mage from the original adventurer series and shares many similar skills. Teleport, Fire arrow, mp eater are just some of the skills. However, new and more deadly skills had been added, for instance Flame Curtain ( a fire elemental posion mist which affects bosses ) and Efrit ( inhearited from the Ice/ Lightning Mages )

Irina, Archer of Wind

A bowman with the Wind Sprite. Loads the power of the Sprite into the bow to shoot powerful arrows. A archer by nature, this is one of the best long range characters to play. Using the power of the wind, many new skills have been made available to players. Skills like Windwalk, wind blow and a very powerful transformation skill called Albertross are new in the wind breaker’s arsernal. This class is mainly a DPS class and can be very nice to use if properlly managed.

Icarut, Thief of Darkness

A thief with the Darkness Sprite. Not only is the power of the Sprite used, but is capable of handling powerful poison. Like the Night Lords before him, the Night Walker is a expert in throwing stars to defeat enemies fast and effictively. However, this job has additional skills such as Vampire and Posion Sling to deal AOE damage in a pretty close range. This proves that the Night Walker isn’t afraid to fight near ranged.

Hawkeye, Pirate of Lightning

A pirate with the Lightning Sprite. Awakens the entire body with the power of the Sprite, and uses powerful bodily skills. You can only advance to the Striker job. The Striker like the Viper share alot in common, their speed and power and technique in defeating mass ammounts of mobs in a short period of time makes them a very powerful class indeed. Like the Viper, Strikers have a extreamly powerful crititcal hit skill and with thier ability to use lightnign to their advantage, they do a fair ammount of damage, even almost a match to the original vipers.




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    Lol i thought you said strikers are lousy?

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