Week 2 – Day 4

So hows the things going on college nw?? Today was Hubungan Etnic ( my MOST HATED SUBJECT ) and english ( my best but MOST BORING SUBJECT ) See also wanna die liao la… Morning morning so happy go college… Thought can go computer lab go surf forum awhile.. mana tahu la.. stupid comp lab… zzz 9.30am only open.. SWT LO.. wait there 30minutes like dungu only..

So 30 minutes.. what did i do?

 I just took out my Hubungan Etnic text book… ( dono y i did that… ) and i started reading.. Chapter 1 and chapter 2.. I learned quite abit on the topics of the day… racial issues and i realised some of my coursework can be found in the book.. some.. not all.. for all those interested in knowing what im doing…  So my topic was keberkesanan sekolah wawasan to memupuk intergrasi dan perpaduan.. I realised that the meanings and definations of the words perpaduan and intergrasi can be found clearly in the chapter 2 of the HE book.  This lessens my burden by quite abit.. When i was finally allowed in the computer room.. my freaking com has such terrible speed that i just quickly blogged a small post and walked to DKB ( dewan kuliah B – Lecture hall B ) for my HE class…  

* sorry no comments on the class cz i was busy doing my own reading instead of listening to that guy crap on with his monotonous voice.. i think if u listen to Mr. Muthu too much u’ll end up in a trance like state or something which u get when you get hypnotized by someone… lol …. /facepalm rite.. hahahha *


After that.. i didnt have much time, so i rushed to the T207 for my AELE 1133  nice code.. but boring subject… I cant belive someone from my class get to be exempted from attending English classes cause of unknown reasons. I belive that my english standard can easily beat the crap outta him anyway.. hahhaha…

* no comments on the english class cause i wasn’t concentrating.. *


Thursday sux… 2 of the worst subjects in one day…


dont needa worry… xD last shot at studying.. im gonna do it well


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