Week 2 Day 5

I have accountings later thn a long quantitave studies class later..

Hiazz.. how i wish i can just go n play dotA or maple nw hor.. lol… Wat to do la.. studies more important ma… Btw my Hubungan Etnics coursework is almost 50% done.. I’m still lacking the pictures… Kinda hard to find them thought…

Today is kinda short class.. although it seems short.. the classes start at 1030 and ends at 2pm and starts again at 3pm and ends at 4pm thn summor la.. after 4pm straight got Fk*** sports… The ppl who were in the same school with me for the past one year will know tat i really hate running around … I didnt even attend one day of sports for the whole secondary school.. strange that my excuses never ran out eh…

Yesterday during english class… we were told that we needa write a journal for next week.. 4 journal entries will be examined and marks will be given for the best 3 entries. Its a part of the exam.. However im quite prepared in writing a 200+ word jurnal.. 200+ words for me is kinda easy if compared to writing a 180 word essay for BM..  English had always been my best subject.. I really have no worries about this… xD



Look between the lines, read between the words,
the most important things are left unsaid and unheard.


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