Reverse n’ Timeless

Since the recent MapleStory Episode 2 patch, maker skill caused the possible creation of both the Timeless and the Revese Series

For anyone who doesnt know what is a Timeless or Reverse Series, its actually what i call the lv120 weapon/equipment set. Like the dragon series before it this lv120 series is quite hard( depends on players ) to create. Timeless/Reverse w

eapons, armours and accessories are equipments that are untradeable once you have equipped them into your character, but you can still change/swap with other equipments. If you have them in your equipment inventory but have not equipped them, they are still tradeable. The specialty of this equipment are they could level up similar to MapleStory Players. Each time they level up, there is a probability that they provide you with additional SP to your 4th Job Skills. Apart from that, the equipment stats (STR/DEX/INT/DEF/Weapon Attack/Magic Attack/etc) will improve as well.

Lets talk about the weapons before we go into how to make this weapons shall we.

The Reverse/Timeless series are weapons and equipment which are VERY VERY strong compared to its previous series. This weapons have a very HIGH increase in weapon attack / magic attack and has the ability to level up to a maximum of 5 levels. With every level, the weapon attack or primary stats will increase, therefore making this series a very new yet powerful series.

The difference in the reverse and timeless series is that the timeless series are VERY much stronger ( almost + 6 or 7 wa in every weapon ) and is very unique as it grants the player to have some enchantments skills.

1. Seal your opponent for 10 seconds with a 10% probability
2. Put your opponent into darkness for 10 seconds with a 10% probability
3. Stun your opponent for 5 seconds with a 10% probability
4. Slow your opponent by 50 speed for 5 seconds with a 10% probability
6. Freeze your opponent for 5 seconds with a 10% probability

Now for the more boring part of the article. Making the weapon/equipments itself.

As you all may know, both series can be made through the maker skill. It requires some pepper( monster crystals ), spice ( more monster crystals )and everything nice ( powders for equipments / plates for weapons ).. xD

And some chemical X ( time pieces for Reverse weapons and Time Stones for Timeless weapons )

The problem is the time pieces are quite rare and hunting them is quite boring. Other than that its quite easy to obtain the required stuff to make it.

Time Stones can only be found from the PINK BEAN boss. So since no one officially defeated it yet. I dont think its possible to make timeless weapons yet( since u need 3 time stones anyway ).



  1. Time Stones can be found from TT monsters, duh..
    This guide is hilariously stupid.

    • sianzxd Said:

      Actually Your the stupid one.. TT monsters drop TIME PIECES not TIME STONES. Please make sure you get your facts right before posting thanks.

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