Fire Wizard Skill Build

1st Job

– follow the usual magician skill build –

2nd Job

Lvl30 +1Teleport
Lvl31 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl32 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl33 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl34 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl35 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl36 +3Fire Pillar
Lvl37 +2Fire Pillar, +1Magic Booster                                                                            

 Lvl38 +3Magic Booster
Lvl39 +3Magic Booster
Lvl40 +3Magic Booster
Lvl41 +3Magic Booster
Lvl42 +3Magic Booster
Lvl43 +3Magic Booster
Lvl44 +1Magic Booster, +2Teleport

Lvl45 +3Teleport
Lvl46 +3Teleport
Lvl47 +3Teleport
Lvl48 +3Teleport
Lvl49 +3Teleport
Lvl50 +2Teleport, +1Elemental Reset

Lvl51 +3Element Reset
Lvl52 +3Element Reset
Lvl53 +3Element Reset
Lvl54 +3Element Reset
Lvl55 +3Element Reset
Lvl56 +3Element Reset
Lvl57 +1Element Reset, +2Meditation

Lvl58 +3Meditation
Lvl59 +3Meditation
Lvl60 +3Meditation
Lvl61 +3Meditation
Lvl62 +3Meditation
Lvl63 +3Meditation

Lvl64 +3Slo
Lvl65 +3Slow
Lvl66 +3Slow
Lvl67 +3Slow
Lvl68 +3Slow
Lvl69 +3Slow
Lvl70 +2Slow, +1 Fire Arrow

3rd Job

Lvl70 +1Fire Strike
Lvl71 +3Fire Strike
Lvl72 +3Fire Strike
Lvl73 +3Fire Strike
Lvl74 +3Fire Strike
Lvl75 +3Fire Strike
Lvl76 +3Fire Strike
Lvl77 +3Fire Strike
Lvl78 +3Fire Strike
Lvl79 +3Fire Strike
Lvl80 +2Fire Strike, +1Elemental Amplification
Lvl81 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl82 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl83 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl84 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl85 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl86 +3Elemental Amplification
Lvl87 +1Elemental Amplification, +2Seal
Lvl88 +3Seal
Lvl89 +3Seal
Lvl90 +3Seal
Lvl91 +3Seal
Lvl92 +3Seal
Lvl93 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl94 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl95 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl96 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl97 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl98 +3Elemental Resistance
Lvl99 Save 3SP
Lvl100 +6Ifrit
Lvl101 +3Ifrit
Lvl102 +3Ifrit
Lvl103 +3Ifrit
Lvl104 +3Ifrit
Lvl105 +2Ifrit, Save 1SP
Lvl106 Save 3SP
Lvl107 Save 3SP
Lvl108 Save 3SP
Lvl109 Save 3SP
Lvl110 Meteo



  1. Eugene Said:

    Lol then mcpq how?? No need fire arrow?

  2. inmisterz Said:

    zzz Eugene u noob or wad?

    this is flame wizard not wizard (fire,poison)
    flame wizard doesn’t have fire arrow..

    Fire Pillar attack more monster then Fire arrow btw..

    • Eugene Said:

      Arent we all noob before?? And to say no fire arrow please have your eyes chek and look at the post properly before u comment.

  3. Eugene Said:

    Just wondering what happened to the skill fire curtain?

  4. sianzxd Said:

    this 1 attacker build… u want training build thn u sub ur own skills in la.. this is a rough guide.. ATTACKER!! ok?

    if u want thn u use flame curtain instead its ok de

    • Eugene Said:

      Cool man. Im just asking.

  5. w0shiinoob Said:

    why is there a fire arrow?

  6. shitnoob Said:

    fuk all the noob in this world

  7. kelly Said:

    alright, i just dont get it why is there ilfrit when my char doesn’t have it in the skill book, is there something wrong with the versions, btw my char is in the msea… so, really nid help here, and there is no skill called meteo in my skill book also, is there a need to go and get them from quests? if anybody knows the answers to this questions, please reply thanks!!!

    • sianzxd Said:

      u needa do the quest to get it

  8. Kelly Said:

    well, mind if i ask you that which quest? Well, is there a level requirement for the quest?

    • sianzxd Said:

      ya lv 110

  9. Kelly Said:

    Oh yeah, one more question, no SP would be added for Fire Gear right for the build?

    • sianzxd Said:

      this is just a sample build.. normally if ur unfunded u should add fire gear to speed up training

  10. Kelly Said:

    well, because i personally feel that fire gear is really not a nid for me right now, cause even if i would add, the skill would not really cause a differene, so i dont really agree with adding the fire gear. Anyway, do you know where can i get the URl for the lvl 110 meteo quest?


    • sianzxd Said:

      u can get the quest at eurb..from the job masters i think. anyway if u needa ask anything feel free to add me in msn.. xD

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