NightWalker Skill Guide

Lv 10: Lucky Seven(1)
Lv 11: Darkness(1), Nimble body(2)
Lv 12: Nimble Body(1), Keen Eyes(2)
Lv 13: Keen Eyes(3)
Lv 14: Keen Eyes(3)[Maxed]
Lv 15: Lucky Seven(3) -> to maximise dmg for the same amount of MP used since Lv 1 and 4 haf same MP cost.
Lv 16: Lucky Seven(3)
Lv 17: Lucky Seven(2), Darkness(1)
Lv 18: Darkness(3) -> To aid in training and to save some MP pots since u atk less w/ Darkness as finisher.
Lv 19: Lucky Seven(2), Darkness(1)
Lv 20: Lucky Seven(2), darkness(1)
Lv 21: Lucky Seven(2), Save 1 sp
Lv 22: Lucky Seven(4)
Lv 23: Lucky Seven(1)[Maxed], Darkness(2)
Lv 24: Darkness(3)
Lv 25: Darkness(3)
Lv 26: Darkness(3)
Lv 27: Darkness(2)[Maxed], Nimble Body(1)
Lv 28: Nimble Body(3)
Lv 29: Nimble Body(3)[Maxed]
Lv 30: Disorder(3) -> No other places to put points into.

Lv 30: Claw Mastery(1)
Lv 31: Claw Mastery(2), Critical(1)
Lv 32: Critical(3)
Lv 33: Critical(3)
Lv 34: Critical(3)
Lv 35: Critical(3)
Lv 36: Critical(3)
Lv 37: Critical(3)
Lv 38: Critical(3)
Lv 39: Critical(3)
Lv 40: Critical(3)
Lv 41: Critical(2)[Maxed], Haste(1)
Lv 42: Haste(3)
Lv 43: Haste(3)
Lv 44: Haste(3)
Lv 45: Haste(3)
Lv 46: Haste(3)
Lv 47: Haste(3)
Lv 48: Haste(1)[Maxed], Claw Mastery(2)
Lv 49: Claw Booster(3)
Lv 50: Claw Booster(3)
Lv 51: Claw Mastery(3)
Lv 52: Claw Mastery(3)
Lv 53: Claw Mastery(3)
Lv 54: Claw Mastery(3)
Lv 55: Claw Mastery(3)
Lv 56: Vampire(3)
Lv 57: Vampire(3)
Lv 58: Vampire(3)
Lv 59: Vampire(3)
Lv 60: Vampire(3)
Lv 61: Vampire(3)
Lv 62: Vampire(2), Flash Jump(1)
Lv 63: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 64: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 65: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 66: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 67: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 68: Flash Jump(3)
Lv 69: Flash Jump(1), Claw Booster(2)
Lv 70: Claw Booster(3)

End Result:
Claw Mastery [Maxed]-Core
Critical [Maxed]-Core
Haste [Maxed]-Core
Flash Jump [Maxed]
Vampire [Maxed]
Claw Booster (11)

Lv 70: Poison Bomb(1) -> For fun and maybe luring purposes.
Lv 71: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 72: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 73: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 74: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 75: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 76: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 77: Shadow Partner(3) -> Left at Lv 21 for maximum duration of Shadow Partner.
Lv 78: Avenger(3)
Lv 79: Avenger(3)
Lv 80: Avenger(3)
Lv 81: Avenger(3)
Lv 82: Avenger(3)
Lv 83: Avenger(3)
Lv 84: Avenger(3)
Lv 85: Avenger(3)
Lv 86: Avenger(3)
Lv 87: Avenger(3)[Maxed]
Lv 88: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 89: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 90: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 91: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 92: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 93: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 94: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 95: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 96: Poison Bomb(3)
Lv 97: Poison Bomb(2)[Maxed], Shadow Partner(1)
Lv 98: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv 99: Shadow Partner(3)
Lv100: Shadow Partner(2)[Maxed], Triple Throw(1)
Lv101: Triple Throw(3)
Lv102: Triple Throw(3)
Lv103: Triple Throw(3)
Lv104: Triple Throw(3)
Lv105: Triple Throw(3)
Lv106: Triple Throw(3)
Lv107: Triple Throw(1)[Maxed], Alchemist(2)
Lv108: Alchemist(3)
Lv109: Alchemist(3)
Lv110: Venom(3)
Lv111: Venom(3)
Lv112: Venom(3)
Lv113: Venom(3)
Lv114: Venom(3)
Lv115: Venom(3)
Lv116: Venom(2)[Maxed], Alchemist(1)
Lv117: Alchemist(3)
Lv118: Alchemist(3)
Lv119: Alchemist(3)
Lv120: Alchemist(2)[Maxed], Echo of Hero(1)[Maxed]


Credits to:

Conserver for his thread on Knight of Cygnus and allowing me to infer

Killersoul for his thread on Nightlords and allowing me to infer

Drakn1ght for his advice on Pros of Vanish.

AsukiIchiro for pointing out the Cons of Vanish.

Lickerzzz for pointing out tt Vampire needs to be maxed b4 Claw Mastery.

ImChildish for The (currently-incomplete) Guide.



  1. Anonymous :D Said:

    No need Dark Sight? And, can we still create KoC? Im puzzled xD

  2. Anonymouse Said:


  3. RonT Said:

    Wow no shadow claw? so we need alot of star there’s shouldn’t be venom cause we have poison bomb now

    • sianzxd Said:

      venom better… alot better k.. posion bomb is a sucky skill frm wat i noticed

  4. Leigh Said:

    Cygnus have no maple warrior? and where the extra meso drop thing?

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