The Winds Of Change has Come


Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit.


I’ve been busy for this couple of days with my test and assignments. Thank God that everything is slowly getting better now. Accounts Assignments , Sports Assignment due. QS and accounts test due.. hiaz … DAMN


Accounts again…. needa study.. im the worst in my class i think.. Goddammit.. zz

Today we had a double presentation in HE class by Juliet’s group and Kai Tao’s group.. Although i would say both teams did well. Kai Tao’s group unfortunately didnt have enough time for their whole presentation as 2 of their members was unable to finish the presentation.. But damn Henry was good.. I was drawing Sindragosa at the back of the class whn i realised he was good xD.. distracted me from my Sindragosa till i drew the wings on the wrong side xD hahah…  Then there was the GODLIEST MOST BLUR MEMBER IN THE GROUP hui ling.. I never seen someone as blur as that.. atleast the rest tried.. no one is prefect, not even me but i try, they tried.. but she didnt .. she stood there waiting answers from her group members… LOL.

Kai Tao de group owning la.. got video summor.. MAKE THEIR OWN VIDEO.. really pro .. Im really impressed at their skill.

Henry most siao la IMO, bang table and with his jokes. really attracted the classes attention.

Hiax 2moro got QS test and English presentation..

All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance – I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge.
Gaze now upon the lands below us. The Scarlet Crusade scurries to undo my work, while Light’s Hope stands defiantly against us – a blemish upon these lands.
You will become my force of retribution. Where you tread, doom will follow. Go now and claim your destiny, death knight.





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  1. Eugene Said:

    Lol goodluck.

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