Sometimes i am not even sure are my lecturers qualified to teach the subjects that they are teaching now. My microeconomics lecturer ( not tutior ) is so damn lame. I couldn’t imagine that he organised a emergency lecture ( cause he cant finish his lecture on time ) and stuffed ALL the business students ( let me stress on the word ALL ) to one small lecture hall.

Not just that, he cant even teach that well. I wouldnt mind if this was the world’s best lecturer for the subject, however he is not, nothing near good. Infact I do not understand why is my tutioral teacher better than him most of the time. I mean all the time. I realised that in my humble opinion, most of the students frm his lecture group will have more problem after the lecture compared to before the lecture.

So to conclude this boring rant , a word of advise is given

Next time so noob please dont conduct lecture



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