Spirits and Apparitions

  • Genting Highlands, Pahang. City well known for its amusement park and casino. Several people have committed suicide here. A man has been seen jumping off the hotel rooftop, only to disappear just before he hits the ground. Several rooms in the hotel are never rented, no matter how high the demand for accommodation is. Those who did see the inside of these rooms reported that they were filled with “old Chinese ghost wards”, and they would then fall inexplicably ill for days afterwards. Several people staying in the hotel there have had experiences of supernatural phenomena, such as knocking coming from inside a wardrobe that was proven to be empty.
  • Kellie’s Castle, Perak. An unfinished mansion/castle built by a Scottish planter. Doors are reported to open by themselves, and screaming voices have been heard. During construction, the Indian workers demanded that a temple be built on the site to appease the Gods.
  • Poliklinik Cheras. Old government hospital that was abandoned for no reason. One visitor reported that it felt “haunted and bizarre”, and it is rumoured that it is haunted by the ghost of a patient who died on the premises.
  • Pudu Prison,Kuala Lumpur. Old prison that is now mainly used as a police station. People have reported seeing a thin Indian man who walks the hallways but disappears around a corner. Screams have been heard from the areas where hangings and canings have taken place. Certain areas seem much colder than others. Russell Lee, author of True Singapore Ghost Stories included a story of a former Pudu inmate, who attests to hearing the screams from the caning area and also tells of a ghost who stops the last stroke of the cane being given to a prisoner. Apparently this ghost is the ghost of a prisoner who committed suicide in order to escape the caning punishment, as Malaysian canes cause terrible pain and can leave scars for years afterward.

    Death Incarnate, the Death Knight

    Death Incarnate, the Death Knight


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