f1245162515Accounts test is tomoro..   So what do i gotta say? Fuck Lo IM not ready.

Im really scared of the accounts test tomoro.. I heard that even students who did well in accounts did not do too well for the test this sememester. I really feel that Accounts might be the hardest subject Im having in this course, there are some who disagree, however there are many who agree that Accounts is DAMN HARD K.

Today was quite a nice day. I am proud to say I finally done my Accounting Assignment ( Question 1 Part 1 ) and tried to do some of ( Question 2 ) xD. I know its not my part to do.. but its just tat im scared that we are too slow. As I know, most groups already completed and PRINTED their assignment already. DaMn Crap la.. mine soft copy only halfway done. Actually ar.. the more i see.. the more blur i get.. WHYYYY DIDN”T I JUST STUDY ACCOUNTS WHN IM FORM 5!!!





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