Saturday <3

Today was the best saturday i had in a very very long time.. xD

AS usual, my saturday will begin with me waking up around noon… As u all might know by now, im freaking lazy on saturdays xD. After i woke up i got a msg from Edwin , inviting me out for Dota. And as usual, we had our dotA games. Todays match started with Edwin using his PotM and I tried Enigma for this pub match. The game was infact too eay, ending with PotM scoring 3x Rampage with Beyond Godlike.

We were very satisfied with the game and decided to head out to Gurney Plaza to grab some stationaries and do some window shopping for phones. So finally after 3 weeks since I lost my pencilbox, i got a new one. hehe. I really hope i dont lose it this time.

It was kinda late after we finished shopping. So we headed back to Netcity for another few rounds of DotA. Im glad todays games ended nicely. With our final game quite epic and exciting. f1246647737Then we had dinner.. xD

End the day with a long chat.. We dont really chat that much now.. Getting busy. Thank God we still have time to talk once in a while.. Expecially Fridays


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