Slient Night

Its been a very long time since i walked home alone in the middle of the night.

             The night is where i find tranquility, allowing me to relax and escape the stress and the strains of  everyday life. Walking back from a meal in the mamak stall , I realised alot of things that we normally wouldn’t in the day , while we rush around attempting to make full use of our time.

             I realised that at night everything around u is so silent. Silent, still like death, and the darkness is actually calming. Walking back , the street lights radiate an eerie glow which lights up the street ; dogs howl at the slightest movement and bats can be seen flying around in the midnight air. It started to rain, cold drops of rain dropped down from the heavens, bringing life to the flora and fauna around. Some hate the cold, wet rain, others see it as droplets of life, flowing from God above. However everything which is good will become bad in excess. As people say, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. 



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