MY Class

Actually im very proud to be in YIM19 . To others, it may just be another random class, however , my class is just full of the most friendliest people that you’ll ever meet in my opinion. IM very glad that i was randomly placed into this class which has currently 2 of my friends from secondary * Kevin & Wai Chun * and an old friend from my primary school which i cannot believe i had the chance to meet again * Kai Tao*.

So what do i have to say about my class?

Its been approximately two months since i entered this class. The class was kinda boring and quiet during the first week or so , but all hell broke lose during the second week where everyone started to get along with one another. Currently we have afew main groups in my class. Im more of a neutral person, jumping from one group to another just for fun, however the main group which i think im categorised under should be the Kevin/Wai Chun group which has the 3 of us and Kim Hoe as members  xD. 

Other than that, there is also Kai Liang’s Group which has Kai Tao, Zhen Yang, Chia Ping, Ren Hui, Y.How in it. This leaves Henry out as a independent party member . This group maybe split further apart to Kai Liang , Kai Tao , Ren Hui with the others in another group. For the girls, there is the Juliet’s Group (Survinne, Zuki, Blur blur * occationally*) and Theng Theng’s group ( Moon and the rest la.. dono hw to spell their names xD ) being the 2 major groups with Tze Ling usually stuck in the middle. There is also the group at the back where im really sorry cause i really really dont know most of them LOL >.<

My class currently goes for lunch togather most of the time as my classmates are very good finders of good food xD. Today, we all went to Gurney plaza for a movie, however in the end, we didnt watch anything except a big bunch of girls doing their shopping. Another thing i discovered in my class is that my class rep happens to be slightly eh hem… towards the female gender… xD



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