Home Quarantine Day 1

So im asked to stay at home throughout the quarantine period. Today, other than visiting doctors , i was sleeping the whole time. Damn im always tired. Today i heard from Kevin that my class was very quiet without me. Actually i really missed my class, without them, life is kinda boring. After returning from GH, i was given a bunch of medication and if my symptoms dont go down thn i should return to GH lol.

Go GH time, u see so many ppl coughing and sneezing. Sometimes i think if i actually dont have H1n1 go GH later can tio H1n1. The doctors as so unprofessional. I cant believe they can say ” goverment no money to check for all patients as it is very expensive” . Such as joke la.

The rest of the day is spent in bed lo.. very sien rite my life? Haiz

Life Sux


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