The end of the second day of the week

Forest Flowers


Life is always greener on the other side. However, where is the other side? I really think my life now is kinda suckish but its been getting along quite well in my oppinion. I dont really have much problems in college and i never did think of how to go home, everyday there will be a person willing to fetch me back. Thank God for people like this, with them this world is indeed a better place to live in.

I wish there is alot of interesting things to do tomoro. Especially between Microeconomics tutorial and Accounts. Then dono what should i do after Accounts class ler. There are plenty of time to burn and there are very little things to do. Even my revision is just like few hours at night, but i have the whole afternoon to burn.

Can’t wait for friday to come. Then there is my sis’s birthday on Saturday. I really love my sis but i really dont show it or tell it to her. Now i’m jsut not sure what to get for her birthday. LoL. I’m so weird sometimes.


– Sianzxd


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