Aran Class

untitledAccording to the prophecy, the Rien clan has been waiting for the Hero to return. Finally I have been awakened by the voice of this girl ..called Lilin, a beautiful ice-cold looking girl who belongs to the Rien clan.

Lilin told me that I was one of the heroes that fought the Black Magician hundreds of years ago, but the Black Magician was stronger than me.. and cursed me …

I was imprisoned and asleep in the ice for a very long time.. I lost all my memories and abilities.. Was I a hero? ..

Lilin told me she and the inhabitants of Rien would help me regain my abilities back.

So what is this aran class all about?
This time the aran class is a class very much differernt from the knights of cygnus and the original adventurers. The aran is infact a legendary hero who fought the black magician and got frozen in ice for a very long time.

The aran class is more like a warrior / pirate hybrid who uses a polearm. However, unlike the usual warriors, this class will NOT have the hp increase skill causing the aran class to have abnormally lower hp than the usual warriors.

What makes this class so different is that the way this class attacks. It uses a new combo system which increases damage as the combo increases and the higher your combo, the better skills you can use. The skills are lightly harder to use if compared to the usual skills as there are certain factors to fulfill before u can use a skill.

The aran class has a max level of 200 and has their own unique mount. Their job is mostly ice based and has its own unique starting map. I wouldnt say this job is overpowered as it requires quite an ammount of skill to use.

– sianzxd


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