Tuesday xD

IMG_1964IF i ever say today was boring.. I would be lying.

Today is really one of the best days which i had with my classmates. Although as usual the whole class is not togather, but a very big majority was present today. After the usual boring english class, we went out for lunch in some kind of senior citizens club somewhere near Adventist Hospital Penang. The food was actually quite delicious and the sauce was kinda unique * wonders if i can buy some back *. We had ALOT of food. So much that we have enough to feed a hungry cat which is meowing away behind us.

After that, the girls had a haircut, nothing much to say here as it was just a haircut. Although the girls look pretty  damn beautiful even if they didnt go for their little haircut session.

Later around 2pm, Kevin ,Theng Theng and Kai Tao met us at Penang Bowl. It was the 1st time i tried bowling, it actually looks very hard and i was sooooo afraid i would screw up and make everyone laugh at me. However, it seems that i did quite ok ( not good at all but atleast ok ) and i was really lucky. After 2 rounds it ended up in a draw. Guys 1 Girls 1. Seems that we guys really depend on luck than skill. During the second round, we actually had a photo session instead of concentrating on playing the game.

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Gurney, supposedly for pool. The girls then changed their minds and decided to catch a movie. I was so happy cause its been quite awhile since i watched any movies. However they decided to watch some thai horror movie. The movie was quite confusing and Kai Tao and I was actually laughing. LOL.

After the movie, im supposed to be playing dotA with Kevin and Wai Chun. So here I am.. waiting for them while writing this post.




– Sianzxd


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  1. k|t Said:

    i agree… long time din have a day tat r so fun…

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