Say NO to Exams

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Go green.. save the trees.

A very good way to save the enviroment would be to totally abolish exams especially those exams in colleges and universities which require 30 -50+ pieces of paper per person. Think about the enviroment everytime u request for an extra piece of paper. Think of the trees, the birds, the animals in the forest and think about the fresh air.

Stopping exams is as good as stopping pollution. Did you ever think about where your exam papers go after they have been marked? Recycled? I don’t really think so. Usually it would just be thrown away somwhere on the floor or maybe become toilet paper for some.

stop exams = save trees = awsome idea  


Why waste time on unimportant things like exams?
Trees are dying around the world and all we can think about is our future? We are so selfish.. 

Abolish exams and save the world and our future generations




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