Y1M19 Class Outing Location

trail13telukbahangtopantaikeracutTaman Negara Pulau Penang in the north-west of the island, being the only national park in Penang, is also the smallest national park in Malaysia.  Pantai Kerachut is one of the beaches with a turtle hatchery.

There is a Registration Office when you get in, that takes visitors names, and also gives advice on the park. You can see a picture of the Registration Office above.

There was two main trails, one leads to Muka Head, where the northwest light house is located. The Monkey Beach is also located here and this place is very popular with Japanese Tourist.

The second trek leads to Pantai Kerachut, where Pantai Acheh is located and a turtle sanctuary. This beach is less known to the foreigners and solely visited by the locals


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