Friday is DotA day



Friday, usually boring and tiring. However today was something very new for me as I followed Kevin @ Pitwoobs and Wai Chunz to Burma road netcity. We met up with Jia Hau and the rest there.

While playing, I realised that they we’re actually very very skilled at playing. Usually, Chunz would be the carry, Kevin the roamer and Hau the semi support carry ; a very balanced team and with very good teamwork. Won 3 matches.I also witnessed an excelent display of skill from everyone. Chunz uber fast farming skills, Kevin’s ghey ganking. Unfortunately, since the teamwork was too great, there were many leavers on the opponent team. HIAX!!

It was a overall good game as we get to pawn quite alot..  Chunz should be happy with his lin hin kills lol.

– sianzxd



  1. Eugene Said:

    lol. looks like you found a new crew of dota players.

    • sianzxd Said:

      Yeahh.. come msn la eugene.. lets chat

      • Eugene Said:

        Lol too late. Maybe afterwards at 2.30pm. Anyway i see you next mondaymah.

  2. sianzxd Said:

    o really? ok ok

  3. Eugene Said:

    lol. dont tell me you forgot.

  4. Eugene Said:

    lol. Dont tell me you forgot XD

  5. Eugene Said:

    LOL, dont tell me you forgot XD

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