Last Microeconomics Tutorial

DSC00262Today was the last day of Microeconomics for my class Y1m19. Although we were happy that we do not have to attend it anymore, but we kinda feel that time spent togather as a class in microeconomics was very short. I really am gonna miss Miss Teng and her cute teaching style which LUCKLY happens to jam enough of microeconomics in my head to pass the exam. I am very sure the class misses her as well.. How we wish that we could have her as our tutorial lecturer for our other subjects.. ( compared to Muthu << noob xD ). We finally got a class photo thanks to Sook Lee de camera… THANK GOD!!! hahaha ( pictures will be updated )

After Micro tutorial, the girls, Kai  and myself went to E-gate for lunch. Noodle Station. The food there is quite reasonable in terms of pricing and quantity. We split the bill and it cost us around rm 15 per person, reasonable price for a restaurant. After that , we went back.. Not for accounts but to rest.. However Kai and I went to starbucks to study xD .. heeh

Too bad…

didnt finish studying



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