The Virgo

Virgos are deeply involved with love from earliest childhood, but not the Romeo-Juliet kind of love. His chief way of expressing the word is concerned with unselfish devotion to family, friends and those weaker or more disorganized than himself. He was born with an instinctive love of work, love of duty and discipline and devotion to the helpless.
If he’s genuinely in love, he will wait for years to claim his true mate, or travel over a thousand mountains to bring her home
Conscientious, meticulous, organized ~ these are some of the well known traits of people with an emphasis in Virgo. But behind these descriptive features of Virgo’s personality, the deeper psychological and archetypal meaning of the sign needs to be illuminated so we can better understand just what it is that motivates Virgo. Though in emphasis for those with the Sun or Moon in a particular sign, each sign symbolizes a particular aspect of life which we all experience, a set of issues, a particular psychological structure which is universal. Let’s take a look at Virgo in this light.
In the cycle of development represented by the zodiac, the earth sign Virgo follows the sign Leo, that fiery sign which seeks acknowledgment and appreciation and is concerned with the development of a confident self sense, a strong and expressive ego and adequate self esteem. No longer motivated by the primary need for acknowledgment, in the Virgo stage we encounter the social feedback we receive in response to our self expression. Such feedback evokes a keen awareness of what we put into the world and how we effect others. Seeking to improve ourselves, to change for the better, we hopefully develop a more mature sense of responsible behaviour, a moral self determination which goes beyond simple conditioned conscience and social conformity.

Life is about more than just expressing and fulfilling ourselves. This stage necessitates a set of complex adjustments to society and to the world. We are required not only to accept criticism from others, but to become more honest and critically self aware, to appropriately modify our own behaviour, to become more skillful and competent in all facets of life ~ personal, social and practical.

At issue is the nature of self awareness, self knowledge, self criticism, self improvement, a degree of humility, serving others as well as oneself, dedication to the performance of a task for its own sake ~ an apprenticeship to life.

Of course, the normal human manifestation of this archetype can often look like obsession with details and order, fussiness, pickiness, too much self criticism and a controlling judgmentalism toward others. Virgo can become crippled with too much introspection, endless analysis, worrying and fretting, shyness and self consciousness and a general lack of intuitive and expressive spontaneity. At times, perfectionism and self effacement can manifest in Virgo with the accompanying resentment toward those who get the accolades while the Virgo is called on to do the necessary and tedious “behind the scenes” logistical work because “you do it so well”!

Ultimately Virgo is seeking the middle way, the path of moderation, of mind and body balance, of bodily and mental health. Virgo is so often capable of that daily, regular self discipline and tireless practice of good habits that the rest of us envy.

At best, Virgo concerns the development of a discriminating awareness rather than a critical judgementalism, a natural humility rather than neurotic self effacement, a skillful and dedicated craftsmanship and practical competence, an astute self awareness, and, without setting impossible standards of perfectionism, a dedication to improving and perfecting one’s way of living.





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