Of all the times i would condemm and have negative thoughts about our country, today i decided i should just put a stop to it for one day. Today is the day Malaysia turns 52. Actually I am quite proud to be a Malaysian because of its multicultural enviroment and the peacefulness of the country.

Actually there are alot of views on the situation of our country. Some political , some financial. I would say that Malaysia is not doing too well compared to other countries like Singapore , however normally they would just ask me to stop comparing an orange with an apple. Well, what’s so different anyway? Why is Singapore doing much better? Kiasu-ism? Actually the answer lies at the very top, the leader. The person who leads the country needs to be very capable and organised. They should also not be racist and should be fair to all, young or old, religious or not.

As we travel around Malaysia, we can see alot of beautiful places which are really remarkable. These places should always be preserved in order to maintain their world standard. Places like Pulau Redang or Perhentian is actually very beautiful diving spots which are known world wide. How sad would it be if the fireflies would to die out, or if the turtles decided that Malaysia is a terrible nesting ground. If this happend, our future generation would not be able to enyoy what we had. However, the typical Malaysian only cares about himself and not others, so again.. Who caress?


Happy Birthday Malaysia.

I love you.. but.. please improve


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