I wonder why tuesdays are always nice?

During secondary school.. i really hate tuesdays. Mainly cause we will end school later on that day and mostly it jsut happens that the subject i hate most usually is held on Tuesdays. Last year i remember it was Add maths, damn i hate numbers.

However suddenly there is a turn of events. I like Tuesdays now. Now its the day which i have the shortest lecture and mostly on tuesdays I will be having fun with my classmates. Sometimes a game of DotA with the guys or maybe following the girls out for lunch which may also be interesting as every time they go out for lunch it has to be good food.

Today, although it was supposed to be an exam break but i just cant take it.. Its too boring to be studying whole day at home with no one accompanying you except the computer. Thank God suddenly i found a reason to get out.. Kevin , Kai and I decided to go annoy Theng Theng. Actually this was pre-planned a few nights before so Juliet , Zuki and Survine was supposed to be comming along too. Kai Tao fetched me from my place to Farlim where we are supposed to rendezvous with Kevin somewhere, however we got lost. Luckly Kevin came to get us.

After that we headed down to Gurney Drive to find the girls who were supposedly somewhere around that area. So after a long drive down, we meet up with them in coffee island. Damn hardworking lo. Reading Qs in Coffee Island. How i wish i can do something like that. I cant even concentrate alone. LOL It was quite a nice experience sitting in Kai Tao’s car. The way he drives is better than Kai liang but still abit scary. Not dangerous.. but scary. More like a roller coaster ride.

We went for lunch in the usual moi place.. xD wondering why we usually order so much but never manage to finish the food..  Its been a while since i met the class, i really missed them. Finally we get to meet up before the exam. Now la got mood study.

I wish everyone who are taking the exams very good luck and may everyone pass with flying colours.

God bless



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  1. k|t Said:

    lolx… scary?! next time i will show u something more scary n excited…

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