Exam Day One – English Language

I was overconfident.

English was always my forte and I believe i can finish the paper in 30minutes based on Edwin’s plan. It started out very well 1.5 minutes for Part B1 , 1.5 for B2 and 2 for B3 and then section C would need around 5minutes. Initially , the plan was i give essay 20 minutes to be completed and have a spare of 15minutes so i can get out of the class at the 45minute mark. However there was some miscalculated errors when i was completing my essay. The essay was really fucked up as i cannot think of any points on why group revision is bad. When i finished paragraph 4 i realised that my 2 paragraph have stacking points , then i canceled the essay and rewrite it only to discover to my horror i have no points to write for paragraph 4. Damn i was fustrated. At last I decided to write te 1st topic instead. However because of the time wasted on the  2 SUNK COST essays i was unable to exit the class early. Haixxx

Lession of the day. Plan ur damn work before u do it >.<



  1. Eugene Said:

    I think you didnt tear your paper as planned. LOL

    • sianzxd Said:

      nop.. cannot.. i did in time.. just too many essays xD hahahaha

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