5man dotA ganking playstyle

funSometimes you have a team of 5 friends but not everyone one of them are capable of playing a clanwar, not even a low-skill one. Pubstomps are too easy however, so you begin looking for an alternative playstyle.

The idea of a 5-man ganking strategy is similar to that of a 5-man summon team. The difference is that one doesn’t use a summon while the other does. Also, a summon push team has been overly done time and again. Almost every pub player has experience facing against one and it has become quite a “meh..” thing to do. You can tell immediately they are going for an early push and form appropriate counters. A pure ganking playstyle however, is more likely to surprise your opponents and they’ll go wooah! after seeing 5 heroes congregate at the top lane.

Upon starting the game, you will need:
– 2x stouts for Axe (to tank creeps)
– 1x Ring of Basillus (someone buys it)
– 1x Headdress (603gold. Assign one person to get it)
– Boots for CM (for easier frostbite)
– Loads of tangoes and flasks (for heroes with spare cash)

2. Mission Start
Assemble behind the Scourge Top tower. Move in around 0:15 to collide with the creeps. Try to get a firstblood, Axe backlanes while the rest of the team takes out the tower. If you are using Darkseer instead of Axe, make sure to dual shell him first, before entering. Attempt the next tower if your team is still fresh.

3. A Sustainable Push
Undying’s heal alone will not suffice. Axe has to get his own regen items as well. Hood + Vanguard is best. Dagger is appropriate too. If someone has enough cash, tell him to get an Arcane Ring to sustain everyone’s mana consumption. Mekansm might be needed, but not a top priority if you have secondary healers like Shadow Priest or Abaddon. Bring some flasks still if Mekansm has yet to be made.

4. Clear Outer Towers, and Rax!
Outer towers are good money. But you don’t necessarily need to take out all of them before staging a base push. When there is a chance to rax, go ahead.

Upon enemy hero’s death, each allied hero within 1000 range will receive a bonus 12*level(of enemy) XP. For example, when a lvl 10 hero is killed and all your 5 allies are around, your whole team receives a total of 800+600=1400 XP, ie 280xp for each allied hero.
In general, the bonus xp yields about 75% bonus to as high as 100% which is rather large especially during lategame where the primary XP source is from killing heroes.

This new system was implemented some versions ago, with the idea of promoting more teamplay and less solo farming. This 5-man ganking strategy however, does not revolve around this idea. In fact, it has been done successfully way before the new XP system. If anything, the new implementation makes it easier for a successful game.

* Increased the non-splitting portion of the xp/gold from 8/level xp & 40 gold to 12*level xp & 30+5*level



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