This is what u call groupstudy



This is what happen just before the microeconomics exam. It seems that we are slacking and doing nonsense.. i even had time to play my Cabal on Kai’s laptop while we were ”studying”.

Actually, this morning before the micro exam we went to Chinese Swimming Club for a short reading session.. which ended up in a failure again as we spent more time crapping thn studying. However i managed to spot a few questions which i jsut happen to have a very strong feeling that it’s gonna come out xD

So after breakfast we went and had the exam. I was bored.. i like writing but i didnt really enjoy writing facts for 3 questions. LOL.. However it was quite ok.. Nothing much happened today.

Then met some guys from TAR who played dotA with me and edwin.. Owned as usual..

If Adrian Mark Fernendez would be reading this.. We miss u so please come bak Penang awhilee… got 2 houses to stay wei.. beh siok mine got edwin de.. beh siok his got netcity.. xD If not Edwin and I will come down Ipoh and drag u back xD hehe




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  1. @drianMF Said:

    drag me if u can XDD

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