Class Steamboat

Today, on the 14th of September 2009 .. i think i just experienced a near death experience. I was having visions of hell for 2 hours during my accounts exam.. LOL.. Hell is full of income statements and balance sheets … and depreciations and doubtful debts.. LOL

After my hellish experience, most of my classmates went back and got ready for the steamboat. I was stil busy dotAing with Kevin and Kai Tao. We finally went around 7.45++ pm which was quite late as we are supposed to be meeting them by 8pm. I was waiting for Kai when i realised that How and Henry was coming to meet us in netcity. So when kai picked me up, we went togather with them.

However, on the other side of the island, Kevin , Chunz and the rest was not informed about the location and ALMOST.. ALMOST got into the wrong place. A mistake on my part but thank god they managed to come with us for the steamboat. Kevin was with his Gf , Sue and Chunz, Jia Hau , SL and Elaine was in another car. Luckly i managed to call Kevin in time so he went to the correct place. hehehe
Theng and Douglas sit togather looo… Theng was sooo shy weii.. hahaha kasihan the poor feller.. tio kacau-ed by 2 classes.. Today makan quite alot also.. Must be because of the exam.. hahaha no stress d can makan more.. I really love my class. It must be the best class in whole TarCollege liao le… Everyone so good to each other and i never seen anyone argue or fight before. Hope not to see it happen though xD..

IT was around 11pm when we dropped Henry back.. the last person before i went home with Kai..

PS : we collected for Rm 336 but they charged us Rm396… =.=” damn GG.. lucky got money to pay ni.. LOL dono which feller eat thn run horr… bad lo


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