College Life


I wouldn’t believe i would actually miss any form of education. However, tonight , i’ve been thinking of what i’ve been doing for the past one year. The only times i had fun was with my classmates in class, with Edwin my best friend with our dotA games and some other stuff.

Thinking back on the past semester, I only remembered the fun we had as a class. Atleast with my classmates , life ain’t so boring.. without them, i’ll be alone at home everyday doing nothing but staring at a computer screan. Now at night, we have group chat sessions among ourselves and its really helps in building unity.

Usually at home there aint much to eat.. i wouldn’t knw what i’m going to have for lunch either. Normally its just the usual chicken rice or soemthing fast. After meeting Survine and the rest, everyday after college is a food adventure, they really take the effort to find good food. Thank god for these people in my class, because of them at least i knw my lunch will be good hahah.

bowling day 1


Then there is also our dotA kaki.. Kevin, Chunnyz , Yang, How, Vincent , Chia Ping , Kai and me.. err + Edwin.. hahah unofficial team member.

Before college it was only Edwin and me, owning as a two man team, the sword and the shield.. a carry and a support. 5731_99890779572_710979572_1925429_3725351_n

Now that i met my classmates i found a team to play with. We work togather quite well and we usually manage to win most matches as a team. Usually we sneak out for dotA in between classes ahhaha. My birthday gift from them was a very very good game which i really enjoyed.. =p

tau ke tak tau 

Unfortunately, there are some people in the class which we are not so close to.. I hope by the second semester we will all be having fun togather ..

❤ M19

– sianzxd


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