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When someone talks about their hometown, it usually means a place where he or she lived their lives, grown up in and its somewhere that they stay.

Today while we were out, what Edwin said was quite true. Our hometown is actually Netcity. Though it may seem like nonsense but this is where we grow up in, this is our lives and we actually live our days in this little internet cafe. It used to be very small and miserable but it has gone through some renovations and its quite nice now.

Prima tanjung netcity.

I remember, we used to play here since we were form 3. Me and edwin.. and some other friends who where not so good to us anymore. We made quite alot of plesent memories there. Cabaling, mapling and Dota.. Especially DotA, when Adrian Mark was still in penang, we would go there quite often, winning games with our teamwork and always had chicken rice after that in sun city.

Edwin always said its cold when we played those CHI KEK games. Hahah. Must be because of the aircon , we always choose the seat beneath the air con.

On special occations we would go for chicken chop at fatty loh for dinner. Usually it would be a holand chicken with 2x Watermelon juice for him and gorden blue for me. The waiter can already reconise us cz of the time we spent there talking and chatting. Sometimes cabal sometimes dotA it may also sometimes be about our college, classes or friends.

Last year, and the year before that, my birthdays were held there, in netcity. After the BBQ party, adrian and i would usually meet Edwin for dotA with the rest of our friends.

Unfortunately, some friends do drift apart slowly and some will just stab u in the back and leave. However, we should count our blessings because we have friends who stay beside us everytime and to have found new ones who are better.


– sianzxd




  1. Eugene Said:

    Guess Adrian will surely comment on the last thing you wrote. XD

    • sianzxd Said:

      nahh he wont notice

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