Golden rules of love

Golden Rules of Love 

Golden Rule No. 1: Love yourself

Golden Rule No. 2: There is no right nor wrong in any relationship

Golden Rule No. 3: Do not torture yourself 

Golden Rule No. 4: Be hardhearted while breaking up

Golden Rule No. 5: If he loves you, he wouldn’t let you be in pain 

 Golden Rule No. 6: If you have never tried, how do you know if it won’t work?

Golden Rule No. 7: Losing him does not mean that it is the end of the world

Golden Rule No. 8: Do not waste your youth 

 Golden Rule No. 9: He is not worthy of your tears 

 Golden Rule No. 10: Breaking up means breaking up, do not seek the source


– From saphy’s blog


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    lolx…… important someone who need tis will read ba…

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