Damn !!

Edwin.. He almost killed me..

”Go hiking after netcity” << that was the plan.. seems quite nice.. I though since its been quite awhile since i hike d, i ASSUME i can make it la.. mana tau.. i sibeh keh gau.

Before we went for net, i was having lunch with him. Usual mee goreng by the roadside lo. When i saw edwin in shorts suddenly i remembered.. Damn.. today hiking.. shyt forget wear shoe.. kanasai d lo.. My house was like 5 min walk away and i was too god damn lazy to just go bak n grab my shoes, so we went netcity after lunch.

After a few usual owning games we sat a bus to adventist ( cause its the nearest stop already ) and walked all the way to youth park. It was quite ok at first but suddenly.. i saw IT.. IT was horrible.. worst thing i could ever imagine..  IT  was a flight of stairs.. the longest flight of stairs you could ever imagine… Fuck my legs were tired. While i climbed that evil flight of stairs i swear i said ” Damn i hate stairs ” more thn 10 times .. hahah.. Atleast there was someone accompanying me..

I was actually too busy sms-ing a new friend.. Anne.. someone who was introduced to m days before by another friend ( saphy ) . Maple actually does help in expending ur circle of friends.. =p

Hope her leg gets better.. poor feller..



  1. Anne Said:

    Daryl oh daryl, I was once here!

    Never wear slippers during hiking again, ok? Haha…

    • sianzxd Said:

      ya ya xD okkkayyy

  2. Eugene Said:

    Lol thats what you get for being lazy bones.

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