The Return of the Viper



Since the arrival of the knights, Sesshomaru was left abandoned, forgotten and waiting for the day where he will once again rise up as one of the best Vipers. Today, Sesshomaru had only 200k and some worthless pieces of equipment and is now stuck in El Nath. However, the return of alot of his fellow friends will be his encouragement and once again this viper will rise.

One day, Sesshomaru the Viper shall once again grace the battlefield with his power with the energy he has consumed, bearing down on his enemies with enhanced attacks and powerful dragonic blasts.The Viper is well known for the blinding speed of his fist and his trademark dragon strike technique, his unstoppable rampages have already made him a legend among his allies.Having mastered the art of energy control, he has the ability to transform into a fearsome and terrifying awakened state, obtaining the powers to hurl bolts of energy at his opponents. With his powers over the timeless plane, he can also step inside and throw himself into the past to keep himself from death, returning his powers to the state it was before the fight, and those who witness him blending into the shadows have never lived to tell the tale.



  1. Eugene Said:

    Going back to maple d????

    • sianzxd Said:

      yes.. xD the viper is back

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