The future awaits





after so many patches and long waits, the future is now in sight for Maple SEA. The long awaited Aran class with its legendary skills and awesome power is now arriving to assist in the fight against Black Magician and its minions. 

The Neo Tokyo map has also been released! And with its launch comes a whole new series of quests that will let you travel through time to get to know the past, present and future Zipangu!

However, not all is rosy at Zipangu. Giant machines are bent on destroying the town and it’s up to the maplers to stop them! Lets us all join forces to defeat the powerful Auf Haven and save Zipangu from total destruction.

With the arrival of the Arans, it seems that everyone needs a new pole arm. What better pole arm to use than the tubes and surfboards available during the Surfboard drop event on the 13th to the  31st Oct 2009.

List of pole arms –

a. Blue Flowery Tube: no level requirement (Dropped by: Krappi, Lorang and Stopnow)
b. Red Flowery Tube: lvl 25 (Dropped by: Cicle, Lorang and Nospeed)
c. Purple Tube: lvl 40 (Dropped by: Flower Fish, Lorang and Octobunny)
d. Black Tube: lvl 50 (Dropped by: Krip, Tortie and Tippo Red)
e. Emergency Rescue Tube: lvl 60 (Dropped by: Pinboom, Clang and Ratatula)
f. Colorful Tube: lvl 70 (Dropped by: Mask Fish, Tortie and Jester Scarlion)
g. Red Suring Board: lvl 15 (Dropped by: Cicle, Cico, and Biner)
h. Surfboard: lvl 30 (Dropped by: Bubble Fish, Clang and Batoo)
i. Light Green Surfing Board: lvl 45 (Dropped by: Poison Poopa, Sparker and Chlorotrap)
j. Light Blue Surfing Board: lvl 55 (Dropped by: Pinboom, Clang and Oly Oly)
k. Purple Surfing Board: lvl 95 (Dropped by: Squid, Shark and Gallopera)


Lets hope the new heroes will be the key to defeat the Pink Bean and save the world of maple from destruction.


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