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Today i woke up quite late actually.. it was around 12+ when i woke up. Feeling quite lazy today, saturdays ARE meant to be spend sleeping anyway . The weather was actually quite windy and cloudy, warm enough to sleep.

However, Edwin wanted some dotA soooo i followed him to netcity. Usually we dont have any dotA sessions on weekends cause Edwin will be spending his afternoon hybernating f3 f3.. Won all matches except 1.. but it was good. So far i can see that there are not many problems compared to last time. The teamwork is really getting better n better..

Today was quite a nice day actually. I really do hope it rains tonight, kinda hot around here. And please dont ask me why the heck did i post tat pic of zipangu up anyway. It just looks nice and i thought its better than just giving my readers a huge wall of text. WOTs are actually nice to read though. However it depends on what kinds WOT are u talking about. Meaningful WOTS such as WOTS from certain peoples blogs are actually nice if compared to those WOTS on the D&D sections of asiasoft forum.

ps : i decided to talk about dotA for english assignment.. those of u in the same class PLZ LA DONT USE SAME TOPIC KAY!! xD f3f3

I miss my fox.. Too bad the cute lil fox wont be so free this few days .. Love u so much fauxy


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  1. Eugene Said:

    I see you have disbanded the guild.

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