Fuck Im bored

Its now 2.11pm and im fking bored in college. Next class is Macroeconomics lecture at 3pm.

Actually the plan was go GG n dotA in Q-zone but i dont knw y the dotA for Qzone is so outdated and the internet connection is so lame it makes my blown up com looks pro… LOL.. Now kai tao trying to download Ai+ but the Ai+ file dono lost till where d.. zzz Wai Chunz playing his country story in peace and im blogging cz im bored. LOL.

O ya… for all who dont knw.. my com blew up. Seriously.. I was playing dotA after talking to Anne and while i was playing halfway i decided to go maple n check up on FM. I saw Denny’s shop in FM ( a love song for Rin ) so i tot i’ll jsut check it out.. Mana tau la his shop so imba sui.. Sui till my com short circuited and just blew up.. there was a small fire and smoke everywhere. Thank God i have a back up of the important files. Lucky can claim warrenty still…

I might not be bloggin often nw since the com is down… LOL.. but its ok.. ill still be free to call n sms.. especially since some1 is done with her exams at 3.10 later..  Cant wait till then.



  1. Anne Said:

    Eh then I dont dare play maple already, later short circuit my comp.

  2. Eugene Said:

    LOL, Your comp I see quite new yet can short circuit. LOL Im guessing you open to many program until your comp cant take it. DOTA and Maple?? Seriously dunno y your comp cant take as much as net comp. 1st time I here that such a new comp goes up in smoke.

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