Bored in class


 Faye , me and Edwin


I was quite busy these few days cause of my M&O assignment and my other college assignments. Today i think i’ll give a short update on the condition of all my lectures and tutorial classes.

Lets start with my favourate… English. Our english lecturer i think happens to be one of the best lecturers available and can easily joke around with us. Today we had a practice presentation, so as usual most people jsut presented usual stuff but i feel lik doing something much funnier. I took the weirdest topic ( what malaysian pride means to u ) and i crapped on it, cant believe i actually made the entire class laugh for the whole of my presentation, i was laughing so hard tat i couldnt continue my presentation as well.. LOL ><

Then there is IT. IT lecturer sibeh kuai lan lo joke abit also cannot. 1st week my name already blacklisted.. hahahaha major accomplishment i think… LOL but its ok.. wait final exam ill just throw an A at her face ba..

Management and organisation & Macroeconomics is currently still very boring and i dont really understand how can lecturers tat are so boring be able to teach for like 2 hours in a lecture hall LOL.. Seriously, my class fell asleep. WHOLE CLASS .. LOL.. i think maybe except some people nia lo.. Thank god these 2 subjects are quite fun and interesting to learn.. If not lagi la ill sleep in class LOL..

– sianzxd


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