Tomoro is my Macroeconomics test and guess what? I haven’t studied a thing. I think lets leave it up to pure luck and skill later when i have the test. So far i think its 10 MCQ and 4 calculation questions or something like that, all i knw, chunz is good in calculation.. hehe.. better sit beside him eh.

So today, after coming back from my 1st boys brigade meeting in like 2 years , i went for dotA. Not just a game or 2, but a whole load. Playing afew 1v1 with wee kett and watching a whole set or MYM and Kingsurf replays. Today i learned somethign very new, the hero lineup in European games and Asian games are very different and Yamateh last hit creeps like no tomoro.

Ps : we created the group for Team Excel in msn. xD   

– Excel –  Corp. International


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