Movie Appreciation day


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Today we finally had the first few matches with a semi complete team at netcity after our movie appreciation. Before i talk about dotA or anything I really wanna talk about today at college.

Edwin and I arrived early and there was not much people there yet. We were actually talking and waiting for some friends to drop by. When they finally opened the doors of the DK, we walked in and we were surprised that it was already half full so Edwinn Juliet and I quickly grab a seat just in time for the movie. * Movie part too boring to be of any interest to blog*.

After the movie, as we where walking out i was trying to call Chunz but we couldnt get him. Damn panic wei, i really thought they went back already, so I quickly sms Juliet for a ride back.. Thank God she was still around. hehe.. After that Chunz called me to inform me tat he is sitll insdie..  =.=” ayio.. dono y la they so slow de.. zzzzz

After Lunch we had our usual dotA. Time its with Matthew and Alvin, our friends from netcity. We owned quite afew games but we lost the last two matches. One is due to lack of skill and another is just pure stupid. hahaha. Team Excel finally tried out the 4+1 strategy only to cause the opponents to panic and leave the game … LOL!!  Lepas itu, we balik d lo.. xD

Ps : im quite curious how many people read my blog.. If u do please nudge me in msn or leave a comment.. say hi if u want.. just curious


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  1. Eugene Said:

    Leaving one right now.

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