A day in College..

0911200907809112009077This is my 2 pet hamsters. The one on top is Romeo and the bottom de is Juliet.. xD ahahah Seriously ran out of names to name them. When we bought them yesterday, Edwin suggested names lik sohai and sozai , nightwish and within temptation , lanjiao and cheebuaii. LOL!


09112009076Today after Macroeconomics , the whole of M19 when out for lunch again. This time its in Fatty Loh Chicken rice which is located in fattes park just opposite Netcity. Its quite nearby my house and I eaten there on several occasions before. The food is quite good and the price is not that pricy, Rm 50++ for 8 person and u can see from the picture how much we ordered.

After our lunch, we headed back to college for Macro lecture , damn sien la.. thats all i can say for macroeconomics. Its totally boring and I always feel tired in that lecture, newspapers dont even help, however i find that sitting there bored helps me think of some other nonsense which i might not have the time to slowly ponder upon later. xD

Luckily after that boring lecture, Survine took Juliet , Kai and I out for ice-cream. Basken Robbins . Regular 3 scoop cup for the 4 of us while we chatted and talked about our assignments.

Then Juliet and I went to LB1 to meet Edwin for the chao sibeh sien de NiE de nonsense. The feller damn nonsense de, talk talk talk, dono talk wat for so long. Finally they gave us the paper to shread for some scavanger hunt which we finally won. While we were going back, we saw Blur blur, long time nv see her d.. hahahaha..




  1. Anne Said:

    LOL such cute hamsters, dont give it such hamsap names lahh!

    • sianzxd Said:

      f3 f3… ppl suggest de maa.. xD hahaha atleast i name them romeo & Juliet

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