Work or Play?


This is what we did after our assignment. We went to the playground for some fun xD.


Survine on the swing.. Look how much fun she’s having .. the girl beside her is the class dai lou.. xD hahahahhaa..


11112009083Zuki & Juliet.. xD


Looks like we cant go out for a movie anytime soon due to the massive amounts of work to be done. However, at least we ( some of the class ) could go for breakfast tomorrow morning before English and even if we’re late,  i don’t think Ms Tham will mind xD.. hahaha. Which reminds me… i havent prepared for 2moro’s presentation yet. HOW GREAT XD. Today is gonna be very boring.. F>people to chit chat wif while i do my chao assignments.

Suddenly i really missed all my friends from all over the place, especially maple. Faye, Saphy, Shellaa, Harry, Anne, etc etc.. .f3 f3. Hope one day can really meet them. Actually i met harry and saphy d.. =p



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